- What could possibly go wrong?

So your about to book that holiday of a lifetime - just a quick check with Tripadvisor to ensure that all is O.K and put your mind at ease.

But hold on!

Are you certain all these great reviews are genuine and that all the genuine reviews are published?

Chances are - There Not ! And what’s more Tripadvisor will not discuss with individuals or businesses, why they see fit to withhold genuine reviews.

Apparently they are not able to discuss any patterns of activity that seem unusual and so they produce incomplete and unreliable results…… But worse - they rate the establishment on THEIR FAILINGS!

Can this be true…… Read some of the recent communication we have had.

You think you can trust Tripadvisor - Think Again !

The following response was revived from David at the TripAdvisor Support Team

“The pattern we've detected is not activity that is indicative of normal member behavior. Trust me, if I could divulge the details of these reviews, my life would be much simpler.

If this activity ceases and you speak with your staff (and those closely associated with your business) about our policies and guidelines, we can begin to move towards implementing a penalty mitigation plan on your listing. “

So, That clears things up… all we have to do is ask our staff (we have two and neither have ever been on the Tripadvisor website) and those closely associated with our business (That is me and my spouse and perhaps our 11yr old son as nobody else is closely related) to Stop doing what we haven't been doing and then perhaps the penalty they are imposing will be lifted.

Well - for the record I ask Tripadvisor to explain how we stop doing something we haven't done. We have asked them to send us a copy of the offending review/s but they are unwilling to assist.

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You can’t trust Tripadvisor

When a hotel with 100% reviews ends up rated 60th, you know their system is Broken - shame!